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The Satellite Waltz - Satellite Song

It’s quite scary to stand on a small table in a dark planetarium on 8cm highheels without any chance to see the edge. And then to play your guitar and deliver your song full of emotions although your feet hurt, you might fall any minute and you’re not a professional singer. I admit there were some tears involved. But when you get to see your music video, you’re just so f…ing proud of yourself! I present to you my third song: „The Satellite Waltz“. The music video received an „Honorable Mention“ from the Berlin Music Video Awards #bmva2024 jury.

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Music & Lyrics written by Maja Roedenbeck
Performed by Maja Roedenbeck (Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals)
and Natasha Jaffe (Cello) 

Lyrics advice: Natasha Jaffe
Vocal coaching: Emilia Korth
Musical advice: Carmine Puca

Recorded and produced by Bob Spencer
at The Famous Gold Watch Audio Visual Recording Studios 

Music video produced by Regina Teichs VISUAL ARTS & DESIGN 
Drone: Aleksej Schön
Location: Urania Planetarium Potsdam

Music video by Maja Roedenbeck performing The Satellite Waltz. Copyright: Maja Roedenbeck Schäfer, 2023

GEMA Datenbankwerknummer: 35172650, Art: Einzelwerk

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The Satellite Waltz Lyrics | Songtext

by Maja Roedenbeck

I am lonely tonight
like a satellite
floating through space,
a vast and empty haze.

My antennae are connecting
to nothing out there,
until finally they’re redirecting
towards a signal from the rear.

A code from you hums among the stars,
they called us Venus and Mars.
How could I forget
the strong connection we had?

Let’s reload it, let’s free-flow,
let’s bravely explore
and maybe behind the universe
find another promising door.

Let’s reload it, let’s free-flow
on sunbeams from the past
and maybe beyond the darkness
find protection at last.

I feel you draw near, baby, at too high a speed!
You’re almost here, baby, I warp from your heat!
That’s not how this works, baby, expectations subside!
In less than a minute, baby, we’re gonna collide!

I feel damaged tonight,
a broken satellite
tailspinning along,
singing this song.

My antennae signal nonsense,
but I really don’t care
cause clearly on my frequency
there’s nobody out there.

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