Happier Than Ever | Billie Eilish | Guitar Tab | Intermediate Fingerpicking & Strumming Mix for Solo Guitar with Vocals

Obviously, there are lots of Happier Than Ever lead sheets and guitar tabs out there – after all, it’s Billie Eilish’s best song! Such a masterpiece with the quiet, very personal beginning and the powerful, hurt and angry second part. Despite looking for a while, I couldn’t find a solo guitar music sheet as good as the piano versions out there. One that covers the whole song, doesn’t stick with the easy chords like C and Fm, but goes with a more complex and beautiful Cadd9, Fm6/11 and such. So I came up with my own arrangement for solo guitar. It’s an interesting mixture of strumming and fingerpicking worked out on 6 pages and so much fun to play. Not too hard, though, so you can also focus on the singing.

Get Happier Than Ever guitar tab | music sheet on Sheet Music Plus

Listen to a Musescore audio export of the music sheet I offer on Youtube:


Get Happier Than Ever guitar tab | music sheet on Sheet Music Plus

The story behind Happier Than Ever

Happier Than Ever is a song by American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish from her 2021 second studio album of the same name. It was released as the album’s sixth single on July 30, 2021, through Darkroom and Interscope Records.

According to Wikipedia, it is „an emo, pop-punk, and blue-eyed soul song with elements of jazz, it is about Eilish’s anger towards a former partner due to a toxic relationship. It opens with soft vocals backed by classical and bass guitars, and transitions into a distorted pop-punk and rock production with electric guitars and snare drums midway.“ She wrote the song with its producer, her older brother Finneas O’Connell.

In a Netflix interview with David Letterman (from the series „My Next Guest“), Billie and Finneas show Letterman the Happier Than Ever audio project in their digital audio workstation. The final vocals on the album, so they say in the interview, consist of 87 pieces of different recordings! No wonder, it turned out just perfect! Or, as Wikipedia puts it, „many music journalists lauded Happier Than Ever as an album highlight. Critics praised Eilish’s vocal performance, which they perceived as cathartic and louder than her previous work, as well as its rock-infused production. Multiple publications such as Billboard, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone listed it as one of her best songs to date.“

The music video for „Happier Than Ever“ premiered the same day as the single’s release. In it, Eilish performs the song through a telephone conversation, after which she climbs a rooftop and dances in the rain.

Get Happier Than Ever guitar tab | music sheet on Sheet Music Plus